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Jonathan Barber Owner at SocialLeaf Automotive

Why your PPC might be failing

Here are the most common PPC mistakes I see being made. PPC can be incredibly difficult to setup for an amateur and it’s really easy to lose money every month.

  • Sending PPC traffic to a slow website
  • Not having specific enough ad group siloes
  • Sending all Google ads traffic to your home page
  • Not separating search and display campaigns
  • Not adding call extensions
  • Having only broad match keywords
  • Having too many broad match keywords
  • Neglecting adding negative keywords
  • Not retargeting
  • Running ads 24/7 instead of only during your business hours
  • Not tracking your cost per conversion


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We use the acceleration method to help you outrank your competitors, get more calls and more visits, and stop relying on word of mouth marketing.

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Jim Ruddy
Jim Ruddy
I did a strategy session with Jonathan, he was able to help me figure out why I wasn’t ranking highly, I needed a lot more backlinks. Now getting those backlinks ended up being the difficult part, but he was on the money with his more
Richard Hodges
Richard Hodges
Excellent. Highly recommended.
Oscar Makin
Oscar Makin
I own a 2 bay shop and had been burned in the past by other marketing companies including Yelp, but Jonathan really helped my shop with its rankings. He wasn’t super cheap but you get what you pay more
Richard Carlile
Richard Carlile
I booked and paid for a strategy session to see where my marketing was and Jonathan showed me what I was missing, it was helpful to see where I ranked against other shops in the area and Jonathan wasn’t pushy at all. He had this take it or leave it kind of attitude, although I didn’t end up working with him he didn’t seem to care either way. It seems like he truly cares about the partnership being a good more
Benjamin Rivera
Benjamin Rivera
Jonathan truly understands marketing for an auto shop. I was working with another marketing company, but having someone on your team that knows the industry is so much more more
Tim Smith
Tim Smith
Outstanding book! Would highly recommend.

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